I am Mariana, facilitator of experiential practices, both individual and colective. I seek to regain the connection, healing and the full and authentic expression of who we are.

I use art and the knowledge of Coaching and Anthropology, but it is in the wisdom of the present moment, in the consciousness of the body, the energy, the emotions, that I find the main tools to access the EDEN.

I believe in the therapeutic and alchemic power of creativity, communication and performance. I seek methodologies based on simplicity and completeness, on improvisation and in real time creation. I seek to awaken well-being, to bring fluidity, lightness, confidence and joy to my life and I facilitate that awakening in other people’s lives.

I believe that we all have living, timeless, universal, free tools that awaken our senses and attune us with who we are: silence, listening, prayer, breathing, presence, awareness, singing and voice, music, words, dance, movement, nature and all its elements, time and space.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser


  • Believing in the individual, essential and creative mission of each being in the construction of an Earth – Eden;
  • Believing that many diseases, blockages and difficulties arise from the disconnection and unawareness of our inner wealth;
  • Believing that the path to Eden is made through stripping down to the essential;
  • Believing that we all have available, and within us, timeless, universal and free tools to respond to daily challenges;
  • Believing that we can all live in fullness and confidence when we are in harmony with our intuitive wisdom.


  • Facilitate in the other the contact with their natural essence through moments out of time;
  • Create and support safe spaces (holding space) of connection with oneself, of authentic and creative expression;
  • Empower the other in the development of their creative potential and self-healing;
  • Give tools for connecting with what is alive and happening in the present moment;
  • Guide the other to manifest their nature in every day life.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser


2017 ~ Matridança Company

I am currently part of the Matridança Company – Body and Movement for Women. MATRIDANÇA starts from the almost inexhaustible inheritance of the traditional dances and rituals of the feminine. Here we recall the ancestral practices of the body, which seek wisdom, ecstasy and transformation through wheels, spins, vibrations, sounds and essential tremors. Step by step, into the conscious and total perception of this matrix body that we inhabit!

Since 2017 ~ Conscious Relationships and Communication

Deepening the knowledge and practice in the area of authentic communication for healthy and conscious relationships. I did courses and practices in Authentic and Nonviolent Communication and Imago.

2017 ~ Channeling through the Heart and Multidimensional Therapy

In October 2017 I took the Channeling through the Heart Course with Helene Abiassi and in September 2018, I did the Multidimensional Therapy Course and integrated the practice of Multidimensional Therapist in my work.

2016 ~ / NÓS VOZ /

I am currently part of / NÓS VOZ /, a project of interactive concerts of original Portuguese mantras, chants and medicine songs in Portuguese.

2016 ~ Mandala Crew – Cocreative Healing Interactions

We are a team of dancers and creative therapists who perform interactive performances at Mandalas celebrations.

2015 ~ Contemporary Medicine Woman

I studied with the Institute of Contemporary Medicine Women. From an early age I was interested in exploring and experiencing the indigenous traditions and ancestral and intuitive wisdom of the present moment.

2014-2016 ~ Dance and Creation

I studied and practiced Biodanza – Rolando Toro System, Traditional, Meditative and Sacred Circular Dances, and other dances (pair dances, contact improvisation, organic movement), massage, and co-creation in real time. I co-founded and was part of a movement of creation, connection and social intervention in urban public spaces in Lisbon, as well as other street actions. I started offering dance classes and workshops for authentic and creative well-being and expression, for various types of audiences and generations.

2014 ~ Reiki, Coach, Divine Openings and Prosperity

I am a reiki master, initiated in Divine Openings, coach and consultant on prosperity awareness.

2010 ~ Anthropology And Social Entrepreneurship

I graduated with great joy in Anthropology, got my master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship and was part of the one month program of social entrepreneurship – Guerreiros Sem Armas – from Instituto Elos Brasil in 2014. I worked in the area of human rights, community intervention , using coaching, appreciative diagnosis, dance, music, art, as well as other collaborative and participatory methodologies.

1989 ~ First Years

Since a young age, I dedicate myself to music, beauty, nature, Being and Human being, our essence and our happiness. I’ve played piano since I was 5 years old.




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