I am Mariana, facilitator of experiential practices, both individual and colective. I seek to regain the connection, healing and the full and authentic expression of who we are.

I use art and the knowledge of Coaching and Anthropology, but it is in the wisdom of the present moment, in the consciousness of the body, the energy, the emotions, that I find the main tools to access the EDEN.

I believe in the therapeutic and alchemic power of creativity, communication and performance. I seek methodologies based on simplicity and completeness, on improvisation and in real time creation. I seek to awaken well-being, to bring fluidity, lightness, confidence and joy to my life and I facilitate that awakening in other people’s lives.

I believe that we all have living, timeless, universal, free tools that awaken our senses and attune us with who we are: silence, listening, prayer, breathing, presence, awareness, singing and voice, music, words, dance, movement, nature and all its elements, time and space.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser


  • Believing in the individual, essential and creative mission of each being in the construction of an Earth – Eden;
  • Believing that many diseases, blockages and difficulties arise from the disconnection and unawareness of our inner wealth;
  • Believing that the path to Eden is made through stripping down to the essential;
  • Believing that we all have available, and within us, timeless, universal and free tools to respond to daily challenges;
  • Believing that we can all live in fullness and confidence when we are in harmony with our intuitive wisdom.


  • Facilitate in the other the contact with their natural essence through moments out of time;
  • Create and support safe spaces (holding space) of connection with oneself, of authentic and creative expression;
  • Empower the other in the development of their creative potential and self-healing;
  • Give tools for connecting with what is alive and happening in the present moment;
  • Guide the other to manifest their nature in every day life.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Find your nature of BEING

Mariana Guimarães
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