12 to 14 of October

Quinta do Casal do Frade, Aldeia do Meco – Portugal
We often live a life away from simply being, focused on the doing. We feel trapped in responsibilities, duties and tasks of everyday life, cultivating an existence disconnected from our true essence and expression.
This retreat is born as a facilitator of a space and time so that each one can get in touch with their Nature and explore, express and manifest their natural self and creativity.
The manifestation of EDEN comes from the encounter between the personal expression and the collective expression.
The discovery of EDEN is done through practices of:
  • Silence,
  • Meditation,
  • Breathing,
  • Relaxation,
  • Voice.
  • Connection and awareness of being;
  • Connection with the feelings;
  • Dance and authentic movement;
  • Sharing and creation.

~ We are going to….

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Connect with Feelings and Senses

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Expand the state of Consciousness and Expression, through Movement and Authentic dance

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Promote Authentic Communication

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Creating through the spontaneous and original expression of your Being

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Assume oneself as the Creators of our Existence, in all areas of our Life

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Get out of survival mode and activate the mode of Presence

~ If you want to….

  • Recognize, develop and express our human and divine nature;
  • Get in touch with your Internal Ecology;
  • Increase our capacity for improvisation and creation;
  • Improve your relationship with exposure;
  • Live in a state of alignment with your essence, effortlessly;
  • Channel your vital energy into something Greater;
  • Increase your capacity for Inner Listening and attainment with your Authentic Being;
  • Enrich your relationship with your Spirit, leaving the contemporary state of Distraction and living an experience of Presence (the eternal Now);
  • Open to the flow of your Vitality and Creative Energy.

Quinta do Casal do Frade

Aldeia do Meco, Portugal

The ÉDEN Retreat will take place in the ecotourism accomodation Casal do Frade, in Aldeia do Meco, near Sesimbra. It was born thinking of the people who like the countryside, the earth, the sea, the stars and a healthy and balanced life. A place that combines comfort and beauty, nature and tranquility.

Registration, Values and Payment

All lodging and food packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit and tea all day. All the values marked below are per person.

1st Option

Full Program

Triple Room


268 euros

2nd Option

Full Program

Double Room


276 euros

3rd Option

Full Program

Single Room


316 euros

Mariana Guimarães ~find your nature of being

~ About Mariana

I am Mariana, facilitator of experiential practices, both individual and colective. I seek to regain the connection, healing and the full and authentic expression of who we are.

I use art and the knowledge of Coaching and Anthropology, but it is in the wisdom of the present moment, in the consciousness of the body, the energy, the emotions, that I find the main tools to access the EDEN.

I believe in the therapeutic and alchemic power of creativity, communication and performance. I seek methodologies based on simplicity and completeness, on improvisation and in real time creation. I seek to awaken well-being, to bring fluidity, lightness, confidence and joy to my life and I facilitate that awakening in other people’s lives.

I believe that we all have living, timeless, universal, free tools that awaken our senses and attune us with who we are: silence, listening, prayer, breathing, presence, awareness, singing and voice, music, words, dance, movement, nature and all its elements, time and space.


Find your nature of BEING

Mariana Guimarães
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