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Eden Workshop


It is an experiential workshop of free expression through art that invites us to leave the “automatic” mode and to find a moment to create naturally from what is happening and vibrating in the present moment. This proposal is a sample of the EDEN vision that Mariana has been developing in her work.


What is EDEN?

Eden is the expression of the most natural and pure state of being, your experience of your inner / intuitive wisdom and your greater authenticity in every moment. It is a place of lightness and creativity, a space without time and with infinite possibilities, where creativity manifests itself through the attunement with what is happening in the present moment. It is a life practice, a way of living in deep listening, connection, awareness and creation.


  • Dance & Poetry;
  • Singing;
  • Painting;
  • Photography.


“After doing this workshop, I feel as if I’m not the one in control on my daily life. (…) I do things and I forget the body. (…) Trying to find our so often forgotten deepest ‘self’ was liberating. It was a brutal experience.”

“I was very pleased to participate. I enjoyed learning a new way to identify my limiting beliefs, loved your empathy and sympathy, your sense of presence and non-judgment, and the exempt way you helped the participants.”

“I really enjoyed what you did. It’s beautiful because you do not do it just because, you do it from inside of you, you’re there in your entirely, giving to the group.”

“Very well conducted. A good environment created. Thanks for the workshop. For everything. It felt so good.”

“It was very inspiring and very soothing and I had never thought it was so important to realize what our body needs.”






    I am Mariana, facilitator of experiential practices, both individual and colective. I seek to regain the connection, healing and the full and authentic expression of who we are.

    I use art and the knowledge of Coaching and Anthropology, but it is in the wisdom of the present moment, in the consciousness of the body, the energy, the emotions, that I find the main tools to access the EDEN.

    Mariana - Encontra a tua Natureza de Ser

    Find your nature of BEING
    Mariana Guimarães
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