Mariana Guimarães ~find your nature of being
Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser
Mariana - Encontra a tua Natureza de Ser


I am Mariana, facilitator of experiential practices, both individual and colective. I seek to regain the connection, healing and the full and authentic expression of who we are.

I use art and the knowledge of Coaching and Anthropology, but it is in the wisdom of the present moment, in the consciousness of the body, the energy, the emotions, that I find the main tools to access the EDEN.



Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Eden Retreat

In this retreat we create a space and time where each one can get in touch with their Nature and explore, express and manifest their natural creativity.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Individual Sessions

Experiential practices that will help you manifest your creative energy in the practical matters of everyday life, from your internal wisdom, from your most natural and pure state of being.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Musical and Medicinal Journey

These travels invite each participant to access and contemplate Eden through singing, movement, words, silence and emotion.

Mariana Guimarães ~encontra a tua natureza de ser

Eden Workshop

An experiential workshop of attunement, creation and free expression that invites us to leave the “automatic” mode and create from our inner self and from what is happening in the present moment.




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    `` I closed my eyes and asked the wind: take anything that is not necessary. I'm tired of heavy luggage. From now on I only want what fits in the pocket and the heart. ``

    Cora Coralina



    Find your nature of BEING
    Mariana Guimarães
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